The magic in Step-Down HVDC Converters is a two stage design.  This is how we handle such high voltages and over such a wide voltage range.  A buck regulator brings the high voltage down to more reasonable levels so that conventional DC-DC Switching Regulator techniques can be used in the second stage.  Something unconventional is our hi-pot rating to chassis of over 30kV, and from input to output (isolated models only) of over 15kV.  You get a level of safety and protection which is more than 3 times the maximum line to line voltage of the device!



HVDC Converters include a wide range adjustable output voltage spanning +5% to -50%, so the entire range of available DC output voltage is covered for you! Remote analog programmed settings, and/or communications such as RS232, 485, USB, Ethernet, or CAN are possible features to add as an option, giving you both real-time control and measurement of Volts, Amps, Temperature; along with a historical datalog of unusual events (including timestamps).  Custom chassis mounted connectors are another possibility. Just contact us with your specific needs.



At HVDC Converters, we know that working with high voltage DC brings unique challenges.  One of which is developing suitable switchgear.  All HVDC Converters employ a novel ON/OFF power control scheme, which puts the entire converter into micropower sleep mode (drawing less than 1uA).  This feature is fully isolated yet can detect an external control circuit being opened or closed.  That could be a logic signal from your control system, an ordinary relay contact, or a simple low voltage on/off switch.  The point is that in many cases High Voltage DC Switchgear is not even needed, thereby saving you a signifigant amount of cost and space for your overall design.